This is how I got the POLYGLOT FEVER…….. Gloria

I was satisfied with myself and intelectual progress until I had to read and understand an article written in spanish for a project.’Well no qualms translators full online’ or so thought. Reading the words from translators where so frustrating, nothing made sense and annoyingly it was science. I can’t understand simple English again and don’t get me started with the Igbo version.

I decided to find a native speaker on social media who can help…Lol did I meet some weirdos? I only met wierdos.

💡 Aha!! I had linguistics students in my school so why not become friends with them and also check out your friends who are in this department, it would be a good time to use them.
Me: Hi dear, you know Spanish right?
Bf: Yes, perfectly
Me: Your brain dy hot oo! I admire you so much😘
Bf: Thanks girl, my school fees is not a waste na.
Me: Can you translate this article for me?
Bf: It will cost you N200 per paragraph because u are my bestie, usually I charge higher.

And just when I was about to give up and turn in a half done project? I was bit by the polyglot fly. I began to study Spanish and in two weeks, I could understand what the article was talking about since it was written in simple terms. And I was able to complete my project.

And though I can only read and understand these new languages that I have been learning there is a sense of fulfillment.

6 thoughts on “This is how I got the POLYGLOT FEVER…….. Gloria

  1. The polyglot fly is serious. Once you learn a language, learning another is more or less inevitable. Did you continue Spanish after you used it for that project?


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