Nigerian Christmas: How Technology and Civilization has Stolen our Christmas

Nigerian Christmas is strictly a family affair. Festive in every sense of the word, Oh the food, we just can’t have enough of it.

Mummy’s Fried Rice.

Grandma’s Akpu and Onugbu soup.

Aunty’s Nri gi (pounded yam) and Nsala soup.FB_IMG_1512529483901

Aunty-in-law’s Jellof.FB_IMG_1512530069853

The most important thing to Nigerians is family. Generational aunties, uncles, inlaws, cousin, Just one big extended family and Christmas is the time to see them all and share the love. Well except your family has amonsu na ndi obi ojo (vampires) in which case you are screwed.
children spend the holidays roaming around interacting with peers and playing with firecrakers and toys while learning their language and culture during the day, they also visit family and friends eating every offered food. And In the evenings the adults interact with the children through tales, instiling culture, tradition and history to the younger generation. The Youths are not left out in this action as well. On christmas eve there is usually a bonfire, story telling, and food lots of it.

And then civilization and Technology came along.

Children and youths no longer interact, they are the modern generation that have no time or stomach for your food or get together. They prefer junk and the bars than their families and that is for the ones you can pull out of their gadgets. I got my shock last christmas when I literally had to speak to a translator to communicate with a boy who wouldn’t be bothered to learn his language or speak to me because he kept feeding his device to translate into “go away” for me. The parents do not care either the family bonds is now being broken by techs and efizzy. But thank God for the grandmothers who beat this insolent kids back to their senses”This is how I trained your mother and she grew up to have the sense to send you to the school that has taught you this rubbish”.

But me sha will be blogging all christmas long. Eh I will not come and kill myself, Is not only Imo people, I too need a commisioner for happiness and fufilment in my life.

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