Diary of a Tall Skinny Girl (Entry 1: The Projection)

My name is Cul. I am tall and skinny, I measure ±5’11 in height the last time I was mandated to check(abt 8years ago) and weigh 60kg. I can hear most of you shouting wow but no it is not so glamorous. The 60kg is the total weight of both bones and water, no flesh or muscle. I measure B=38 W=30 H=34, meaning that I can’t wear a designer dress except it is custom made. Oh you say that isn’t skinny, well the circumference of my wrist is 14cm (≈5.5inches). If you still can’t picture it, picture this; A papaya tree with oversized papayas hanging from it (well so I was told). But I am still my own definition of beauty.

Now let me start my story from the beginning.

You see, I have not always been so tall, skinny yes but not tall. I used to look like an abandoned child dying of starvation and malnutrition and I looked half my age. The endless stream of caring faces with pity in their eyes and not to forget the bullies and in all this I am still an introvert that doesn’t appreciate the attention.

My mom’s😘 sweat in trying to give her girl the best norishment there is for her to grow and look healthy but nothing seemed to be working. I just ate all the appetising food, is it my fault that the food refused to show?

Suddenly, after one week of illness, I stretched. That was My Week of Divine Projection. I know you are thinking that it must be the beans I have been fed with over the years or the drugs I was taking but No it isn’t anyone of them. I do not like beans and don’t eat it no matter how it is prepared, it just doesn’t taste good in my mouth. And I only had malaria and only took drugs for that.

Usually you aren’t supposed to notice that you are growing but I did, I didn’t need a ruler to tell me I have grown taller, the imbalance was enough ruler. I was afraid of heights and fall so the height wasn’t very pleasant to me at first, I knocked down everything on my path and stumbled with every step I took. I was so clumsy and wonky I felt like I was flying with broken wings. I got use to the altitude eventually but I still get lightheaded sometimes.

Did the growth change the way people look at me? Definitely.
Was it good? Well that will depend on how you see their reaction and opinions to the way I look on the next entry.

Have you ever had a sudden change in your body frame? Please share your reactions and feelings to this change in the comment section……

Please Check out entry 2  and entry 3 of this diary

By: Cul.

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