KITCHEN-QUAKE: The Christmas Disaster.

IMG-20171207-WA0002.jpgCooking is one of my hobbies and secret talents but sometimes especially when you need to show off, your skills just fail you in the most embarrassing of ways.

I am called JB and I am a culinary scientist which simply means that I am unemployed and experiment with food.

Last Christmas I had promised my family the best Christmas ever with the most exquisite meals they have ever tasted. But calamity struck on that day and nothing was working well. The price of ingredients skyrocketed, power was out the entire day, and I forgot the menu.

I decided to keep it simple to prevent a total distaster and still save face. I went to set up, I decided on cake and pudding for the menu instead of the old one which I still haven’t remembered. Simple right? Wrong. After making the batter with my muscles and popped my cake and pudding bath in the oven, I set the time and decided watch TV while I wait for my Rainbow Christmas Magic to be done.

But the calamity wasn’t over yet even though my culinary angel tried its best to save us. Something made me go to the kitchen after 15mins and open the oven only to find the temperature was low. I checked the settings, everything was ok but the temperature was still dropping. The oven has gone off, was out of  gas. This wasn’t good my cake was beginning to crack, sweat of panic was beading my forehead and just then my mom came in, took one look at the situation and suggested local oven (pot and sand). Well anything is fine, I don’t mind but again the kerosene stove just won’t flame properly. Why now? why today? Anyway the flames finally came up but my art was already destroyed but heaven knows I tried to save my Rainbow Christmas Magic. I cooked the cake And pudding for another hour but it won’t get done.

It was a hot mess…😭

The cake looked like a pudding and the pudding looked like custard.

The kitchen looked like a war zone.

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