Molested by the police

I was almost molested by a drunk uncouth SARS on Friday.
I was on my way to crunches when I ran into them, their vehicle parked off afikpo road, a pole away from crunches, as I made to walk pass them, one of them grabs me.
If there is one thing I hate, it is for a stranger to touch me, I pulled away and continued walking, amidst hoot calls from them, they were about 5 in number, the one that grabbed me quickly followed me, and was like, fine girl, what’s your problem? Na because you fine? Why you dey do guy sef, abi no be money dem go take maintain you?
When I refused to talk,he grabbed me again and said that he can take me to the station, lock me up and his men will have a field day on me. He further said that nothing will happen, I should just humble myself and give in to his overtures willingly.
One of the others came towards us and asked his colleague to leave me alone, he said ” I know this girl o, she is the Sister to ssg, just leave her alone abeg”
This kind of thing shouldn’t be happening.
Do not molest the people you were sworn to protect.
They were drinking in uniform, at a busy road.
Tomorrow, they’d talk about accidental discharge.
#SayNoToSars. #EndSars.
I was terribly scared that night.
I am only just recovering from the shock of the verbal attack.

By Ngozi b.s Jacobs

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