Diary of a Tall Skinny Girl (Entry 2: The Reactions)

Like I said on  the first entry of this diary,  the growth changed the way people look at me but in a weird way and I can’t tell if it is good or bad. I am just glad I am not mistaken for an abandoned child anymore but just an anorexic model, not so great a change. I have seen all kinds of reaction to my stature, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The  Good 

Every time I walk, some recruiters will walk up to me with a flyer or card requesting that I audition or join their modelling agency, Well I am a scientist and that doesn’t sit well with building my career and the youthful buzz about beauty and vanity is quite over.

I get access to closed area in clubs and concerts. With everyone being an upcoming something these days and struggling to look the part, security dare not stop a skinny tall girl who could be anything.

And the occasional compliments from strangers.

The Bad and The Ugly 

People are just so blunt and being from this part of the world where people don’t care how you feel but just have to say what is on their mind makes me so frustrated everyday. Clapbacks are really hard and having to come up with a zillion everyday is so stressful.

Eating out is so annoying.

I can’t get enough food on my plate because one look at me and the portion reduces. And when I eat like I want to everyone keeps looking at me like I came from another planet. Eating is my hobby so if you don’t have enough money don’t offer to treat me because you think I won’t eat much. And if you think I have to throw up every time I eat sweets you are definitely wrong. Why would I waste such perfectly good sweets and offend a chef? I guess that is why I would never have a small waist line.

Meeting someone who hasn’t seen me in a long time.

Them: OMG what happened to you? You are so tall, what did you do? And you are still skinny, still not eating well? Let me buy you lunch.

Me: You see, I drank fertilizer then went to a doctor who put me in a stretcher for 3days to facilitate the height and prevent any fat from building up in the process. And thanks I don’t think you have enough money to suddenly treat a starving homeless.

The bullies
Them: hey tallest get out of the way before I break you, you resemble wetin breeze go carry if I blow u breeze now you go just fly.
Me: If only you knew how true that is you will get away from me.

Then some strangers especially older ladies.
Them: Where are you growing to? what do  want bring up there? Better stop growing and add flesh so that you will look like a human being
Me: I am growing to reach the universe to bring my planet to earth so I can live with my fellow aliens and won’t have to endure the human questions.

Unfortunately most of these replies are only in my head. I can’t be so uncivilised. I have to be elegant always as expected of a person with my stature.

Please Check out entry 1 and entry 3 of this diary.


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