Having a Merry Broke Christmas

It is exactly 4 days to Christmas and many people have gone broke and some are up to their eyeballs in debt. But somehow this longtime broke chick is still balling!! A Christmas miracle!!!!!

If you have cancelled Christmas for lack or your Christmas is about to come crumbling from debt or You are like me and don’t even dream of the festive then you definitely will be interested in knowing how to have a merry broke Christmas. Christmas on a budget is for people who have money to budget but we are red broke if not minus. Here are my 10 tips that help me get by.

1. Don’t buy anything else

Thistip is quite simple don’t buy anything except absolutely necessary and even so if you cannot pay for it do not buy. There’s always a cheaper substitute for everything.

2. Be your own stylist

I know we all want to look a million dollar this season and I can’t not deny anyone or myself that; that would be a crime punishable by death 😱! Avoid the salon and spa. Style your hair you won’t believe how relaxing that can be. Do your own masks, bentonite clay (ulo) can do wonders on your skin. Do your nails, nail art is so much fun.

3. Fashion is a statement not a balance

Yes fashion isn’t a balance. It doesn’t balance your life nor does it balance you with your richer contact and it definitely isn’t balancing your account statement. Fashion is a statement of who you are and what you stand for, states your style and taste which will command respect and recognition if done right. Mash up! Get thrifty! Make your old clothes new and your outdated clothes on the fashion billboard. It doesn’t take much either just a hand, a body and an eye.

4. Time isn’t just money

Time is much more than money. Time is the best gift you can give to anyone and yourself. And you won’t believe how much Time costs to give until you have to choose between buying a hamper and going to see a friend.

5. Cook your kitchen

Bake your Christmas treats and bring your family together in the kitchen with full bellies and love

6. DIY your décor

Those old gift wraps are great garlands. Just make your house your Christmas den with scraps.

7. Your space your winery

Homemade wine are great and brings back the ancient Egypt to your taste buds. You have the opportunity to decide on flavour. Don’t just stop there, home made beer and juice are great additions too

8. Conjure your gifts

Your homemade treats and drinks make great gifts. Or design your cards, DIY jewelleries, frames etc. They have a pinch of love and are appreciated, plus they are one of a kind. Conjured magic..

9. Have a fiesta without a party

Have a family party with nothing but love and happiness.

10. Start a new tradition

The great time to start a new Christmas tradition is when you can’t afford the norm. No tree, no problem, they are messy anyway. Decorate the outdoor plants and flowers with your family as you would a tree. Just anything to delete cost

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