Diary of a Tall Skinny Girl (Entry 3: The Struggle)

When you are tall and skinny everyone automatically expects you to be elegant and poised. Which isn’t very easy for the jean, T-shirt and sneakers girl and shopping for dresses and shoes are the most difficult to do. The struggle is so real, I mean what people have to say isn’t even on the list of worries. I will write from my experience and hope you can relate….

1. Being polite:
Talking to people while standing is always awkward. You try your best to not look down on shorter people while maintaining eye contact to show sincerity. It isn’t easy at all.

2. Helping:
Ife eji agbatu ntutolo
Anything above reach is my duty without considering weight and capability. Helping is a mandate and not a choice.

3. Taking group selfies:
That one is another story! My head is either cut off from the picture or their bodies are cut off one must go. And I automatically become the human selfie stick a.k.a. Aka selfie (selfie hand). I can’t even cry.

4. Wearing heels

I am a heel lover, well being small made me love heels but now (that is when I manage to find my size) I just get dizzy on them. The grace just evaporates after a few steps and I have to struggle and hang on for my dear dignity and pride. I literally get blown away by the wind and the altitude doesn’t help even with my dancer’s balance.

5. Going on a date:
Over qualified. Just one look at you and they get intimidated, begin to assume things. I am single but no
one believes it, all assume I have a long line of boyfriends or I am self sufficiently single i.e I don’t need a man (that is the English I heard recently).
Dressing up for the date when you finally get a guy is trouble i don’t even bother shopping anymore. When the dress fits they are too short and when they aren’t they are too big. Same with the shoes.
Ordering is another trouble he expects ne to be a light eater and when I disappoint him I end up paying my bills because he had not budgeted for the quantity of food I ate.

And that is how glamorous having a glamorous stature actually is.

Please Check out entry 1 and entry 2 of this diary


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